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EC2 custom Kernel

One minor issue with EC2 is that they supply the kernel, and that already caused difficulties with my first EC2-tutorial – the image I created doesn’t let you create a new snapshot from a running image since the EC2 kernel lacks loopback support, and I didn’t supply a matching kernel module.

Amazon has a nice guide on how to do it – here is a gentoo-specific one.

These instructions start from a working ami image created using my previous instructions. Go ahead and mount it and chroot into the image.

  1. Install a kernel using emerge xen-sources
  2. Be sure to enable xen support in the kernel config file. Here is a working config.
  3. Build the kernel with make && make modules_install as usual
  4. Copy the kernel image to /boot as usual.
  5. Create /boot/grub/menu.lst, containing:
    default 0
    timeout 3
    title EC2
    root (hd0)
    kernel /boot/kernel root=/dev/sda1
  6. While optional you might want to clean up the kernel source directory, or even remove it – you’re paying by the gb and the sources and object files are large.
  7. Bundle it up with the instructions in the first guide, but on the ec2-bundle-vol command line add –kernel followed by a suitable kernel ID from the pdf linked above. For a 64-bit ami in the US-east region use aki‐427d952b

That’s it – upload, register, and boot it up!

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